Move 2017 Volunteer Details

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well. I am looking forward to seeing all of you in a few days! If you have ANY questions that I do not address, please call me or text me 706.610.4124. If you see that I have forgotten someone, please forward this link.

Address for Macon Coliseum: 200 Coliseum Dr, Macon, 31217 – Park on the interstate side – enter at glass doors.

Be praying: We expect God to move in a powerful way. Be praying for the program and the speakers/bands that will lead from the stage. Be praying for Gospel conversations that will happen through the event, or that may even be happening now in advance of the conference, as God is softening the hearts of those who will respond.

Exhibit Hall Load-in: Dec 28th (Thursday) – Macon, Josiah, Cordell will come down with Mike and me after we load up and drive the truck to Macon. If possible, I’d like to ask Mary Roberson, Erica Golden, Liz Vice and LJ White to arrive on Thursday as well. Please plan to be there and ready to work at 1:30 pm. Mike and I will do our best to keep things moving efficiently in our afternoon of setup.

Everyone else: Come on Friday, at 9:00 am and eat breakfast before you come. There is a MANDATORY meeting at 9:30 am in the “Volunteer Room.” Park on the interstate side and enter through the brown doors to the left of the glass entrances. These doors will be the staff entrance for the event.

What to wear: You will be given a short sleeve orange MOVE shirt and a red long sleeve MOVE shirt. We will all wear the orange shirts on Friday and the red shirts on Saturday.  The ice will be down in the arena which means it will be on the cool side. Think layers. Wear comfortable shoes; it is a concrete floor.

Meals: Regardless of which day you come, please eat breakfast before you come. All meals are provided once on site. There will be a Volunteer Meal Room with snacks and drinks as well.

Lodging: Your keys will be handed out once you are on site. You will not need to check in at your hotel. Everyone is off-site at the Fairfield Inn. We finish LATE on Friday, so put the hotel address in your phone now so you will know where to go: 4035 Sheraton Drive, Macon, GA 31210 . Breakfast is served at the hotel, so plan accordingly to eat breakfast before you leave the hotel Saturday morning.

Job Assignments: These will be handed out on site. Most everyone will be working at the MOVE merch booth, or at an artist’s merch booth.

Please let me know if I have forgotten anything. Remember our rules…Be Prayed Up, Be On Time, and Be Flexible. I appreciate you all giving your time to serve. You play a key role in this event happening smoothly. THANK YOU!!