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The Student Ministry Network (SMN) is already one of the most robust networks of student ministry coaches in the country (see coaching section below), and going forward this will become a fast growing network of youth pastors and leaders, sharing their best ideas with each other!

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Network of Coaches

SMN consists of an expanding team of 50+ youth ministry veterans in our state who serve as Coaches to anyone in their area that needs assistance. Truly, there is youth ministry help around every corner in Georgia. We also offer the SMN website making resources available to student leaders and workers everywhere!

SMN Coaches Have 4 Assignments

1. NETWORK: Meet together with other Youth Leaders in their area.
2. MENTOR: Meet semi-regularly with one or more Youth Leaders in their area for peer to peer, conversational mentoring.
3. TRAIN: Lead and create training events in cooperation with other leaders.
4. EXTEND: Develop relationships with Coaches in other states and nations to spread the value relational reality of a cross-training network

To connect with a SMN Coach in your area, please use the map to the right. Click on a pin near your area to retrieve the contact info of the coach. If there is not a coach in your area please CONTACT US directly so we can assist you.

Serve As A Coach In Your Area

If there is not a coach near you, maybe you should become one! Use our contact form to express your interest in coaching and learn more.