share your geniusAre You An Idea Person?

Writing lessons, creating series, dreaming up games? Imagine what a blessing it would be to other youth pastors to be able to use your creations in their youth ministries! As a member of the Student Ministry Network, you can share your greatest inspirations with other youth pastors and leaders. This is exactly what the Student Ministry Network is intended to be. A share point of inspiration!

How To Share Your Work

1. Sign-up – You must first create a log-in to reach the submission forms. This allows us to highlight you and credit your work. It also guards us from spam. Because we have humans activating registrations, it may be a short amount of time before you can log-in. You will receive an email when your registration has been activated.

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2. Upload – Right now we are accepting lessons, lesson series and games. In the future we will expand for accepting more great ideas. Please be sure to read the non-exclusive license agreement which will be found on each upload form. Once you sign-in, you can click on any of the buttons below to submit your work.

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4. Be Patient – Because we care about the quality of content, we actually have humans reviewing every resource being shared, so that takes some time. We will contact you by email when your resources are live.